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Doctor Zhivago (1965): in memoriam Omar Sharif (1932-2015)

Doctor Zhivago is one of my favorite movies and Omar Sharif and Julie Cristie one of my most beloved OTP. The day I heard about Omar Sharif's death it was definately a sad one. So I decided to screencap my favorite movie in HD (1920*800) as a small tribute to his memory. Some icons and graphics are to follow soon. I will also accept screencap requests. So if there is an Omar Sharif movie that you want to be screencaped just leave me a comment and I will screencap asap

1 ] Do not repost without permission.
2 ] Do not claim as your own, I recognise my own screencaps.
3 ] Credit sns_red_curtain so others can find the screencaps
4 ] Please comment...
5 ] Love & Revolution

screencaps HERE @ ssns_red_curtainsns_red_curtain
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